Melbourne, December 20: The wait was officially over for thousands of students who completed the final chapter of their secondary schooling this year, with results released December 14. A total of 43 top VCE achievers were offered a Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Minister for Education James Merlino congratulated more than 64,000 students across the state who received their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) results this morning via app, email or online.

A record 50,944 students graduated with their VCE this year – an equal all-time high completion rate of 98 per cent.

Victoria’s highest-achieving VCE students, who achieved an ATAR or equivalent of 99.9 or above were offered a Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship to study at the University of Melbourne next year.

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship offers students a generous HECS-exempt Commonwealth Supported Place in one of the University of Melbourne’s undergraduate degrees.

Domestic scholars from interstate receive a HECS-exempt place as well as an annual allowance of $10,000 over the duration of their undergraduate degree; whilst Victorian secondary school leavers receive a $5000 annual allowance for the duration of their undergraduate degree.

These high achieving students also receive a Melbourne Global Scholar’s Award of up to $2500 for an approved period of overseas study, as an Exchange or Study Abroad student.

  • Naman Chaudhry and Kevindu De Silva of Haileybury College,
  • Aayushi Khillan of Macrobertson Girls High School, and
  • Alysha Wanigaratne of John Monash Science School

were among the perfect VCE scorers, who were offered a Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship.

University of Melbourne Provost Mark Considine congratulated the students and said the 2019 Chancellor’s Scholars would also have access to the Melbourne Accommodation Program which provides an accommodation guarantee for all eligible undergraduate students who are new to Melbourne.

“This program makes it easy to find and apply for high-quality, secure, student accommodation within walking distance of the Parkville campus.

“We are very excited to be able to offer students one of the largest and most comprehensive scholarship programs in Australia, enabling us to provide young achievers with a world-class education enriching the existing academic community,” Professor Considine said.

Melbourne High School and Mac.Robertson Girls High School each got 2 of the top rankings of the state’s 36 perfect ATARs.

Haileybury College and Melbourne Girls Grammar each received 3 perfect ATARs.

But it was Scotch College students, who bagged the most with 6 perfect score and Melbourne Grammar School students received 5.

Other schools that made the list with 1 perfect score, included Balwyn High School, Glen Waverley Secondary College, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School amongst others.

Melbourne High School was the second best VCE performer, with a median study score of 37 and 34.2 per cent of 40 or above scores, placing these students in the top 9 per cent of the state.

Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School and Ruyton Girls’ School also achieved median study scores of 37.

  1. Naman Chaudhry of Haileybury College, Keysborough achieved 46 in Accounting, 47 in English, 43 in French and 46 in Specialist Mathematics.
  1. Also from the same college, Kevindu Kenula De Silva achieved 43 in Chemistry, 49 in English, 47 in Mathematical Methods & 44 in Specialist Mathematics.
  1. Alysha Yvonne Wanigaratne of John Monash Science School, Clayton scored 45 in Chemistry, 49 in English & Physics, 42 in Specialist Mathematics
  1. Rithvik Chand of Lakeview Senior College in Caroline Springs achieved a perfect score of 50 in Music Investigation.

He did his own research of tabla’s impact on Australian culture, and was assessed on 25-minute performance – he played a jazz number, a world music composition and two pieces accompanied by a sitar.

He thanked his school for making arrangements for him to complete this subject, given that he was the only student for this subject.

Rithvik said he was drawn to learning the instrument nine years ago “because it connects with my Indian heritage”.

He hopes to study commerce or computer science at university next year.

Some other students who also achieved perfect 50 in Music Investigation are

  1. Rama Jordon Jatayu Williams of Geelong High School, East Geelong;
  2. Zac Mistri of Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Southbank and
  3. Aditya Ryan Bhat of Goulburn Valley Grammar School, Shepparton in Music Performance

“I congratulate the more than 64,000 Victorian students who have completed their VCE or VCAL this year – it’s a fantastic achievement and you should be very proud of yourselves,” Minister for Education James Merlino said.

“Year 12 demands determination, hard work and resilience – not only for students but their teachers, parents, carers and friends. I thank all those who provided guidance and support, and helped students through this year.”

For some it was tears of joy, for others relief, while some dejection, on Friday last week when more than 50,000 students received their long-awaited ATARs. It was the finish of 13 years of schooling and flurry of activity with university offers.

The top 5 government schools in the metropolitan region, were Melbourne High School, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Nossal High School, Balwyn High School and Suzanne Cory High School – 4 of these being selective schools and Balwyn High partially selective.

Bialik College, a Jewish institution, with a 38 median score and 40.2 per cent 40+ study scores emerged as the top school in the state.

Apollo Bay P-12 College – a coeducational government school located in Apollo Bay, in the Barwon-South Western region of Victoria turned up a surprise with a median score of 36 and 21.4 per cent 40+ study scores.

Schools                                                                   Median Score                        40+ Scores

Bialik College                                                           38                                           40.2%

Melbourne High School                                       37                                           34.2%

Mac.Robertson Girls’ High Schl                       37                                           32.5%

Presbyterian Ladies’ College                             36                                           31.7%

Haileybury Girls College                                     36                                           30.1%

Melbourne Grammar School                             36                                           27.5%

Loreto Mandeville Hall                                        36                                           26.7%

Apollo Bay P-12 College                                        36                                           21.4%

Nossal High School                                                35                                           26.1%

Penleigh & Essendon Grammar                        35                                           24.3%

Haileybury College                                                 35                                           23.5%

Lowther Hall Anglican GS                                   34                                           22.2%

Balwyn High School                                               34                                           19.3%

Suzanne Cory High School                                  34                                           18.3%

Westbourne Grammar School                           34                                           16.5%

Melbourne Girls’ College                                     33                                           18.2%

University High School                                         33                                           14.9%

St Columba’s College                                             32                                           12.2%

Williamstown High School                                 32                                           9.1%

Ave Maria College                                                   32                                           8.1%

Mount St Joseph Girls’ College                          31                                           11.5%

St Bernard’s College                                              31                                           8.8%

Albert Park College                                                31                                           8.6%

Braybrook College                                                  31                                           7.3%

Academy of Mary Immaculate                           31                                           7.1%

Footscray City College                                           30                                           9.1%

Keilor Downs College                                            30                                           7.6%

Maribyrnong Sec College                                     30                                           4.9%

Heathdale Christian College                               29                                           5.7%

Bayside P-12 College                                              29                                           3.9%

Essendon Keilor College                                      25                                           1.8%

Tarneit Senior College                                          25                                           0.4%

@ Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) 2018 – above are only some of Victorian schools selected without any particular specifics

Other top non-selective government schools include McKinnon High School and Box Hill High School, both securing a median score of 34.

They were followed by Melbourne Girls’ College, Glen Waverley Secondary College and the University High School, which all achieved medians of 33.

Ramakrishna VenuGopal

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