Inga Peulich, a friend of the Victorian Indian community loses to Liberal Democrats’ David Limbrick

Melbourne, December 11: As the final count of votes has now been finalized by the Victorian electoral commission (VEC), although Dr Ali Khan has lost in the final count of preferences due to leakage of preferences below the line, BT can confirm,  there are still three candidates in the state parliament who have their heritage originating in the Indian sub-continent. In addition to Samantha Ratnam, of Sri Lankan heritage, Kaushaliya Vaghela of Indian, the third candidate is – a re-elected heritage.Liberal for Northern Metro Region, Craig Ondarchie who is also of Sri Lankan

In a real twist of fate for Dr Ali Khan, who led the count after distribution of preferences for over two weeks, has fallen behind the Liberal Democrats David Limbrick. Yes, although Bharat Times had predicted (subject to the final count and declaration by the VEC) that Dr Ali Khan will join a re-elcted Samantha Ratnma and Kaushaliya Vaghela, regrettably, Dr Khan has in the end missed out.

ABC’s Antony Green worded the changing scenario for Dr Ali Khan explaining how Dr Ali Khan fell behind Liberal Democrats’ David Limbrick:

In the calculator output (earlier), Ali Khan of the Transport Matters Party won the final seat based on treating all votes as ticket votes. In the actual count, Khan fell behind due to leakage of preferences from below the line votes, resulting in David Limbrick winning the final seat.

(The ABC has even retained the original calculator output showing Dr Ali Khan as winner, for reference.).

In another twist of fate, Indian sub-continent Liberal party candidate for the Upper House region of Northern Metro Craig Ondarchie has finally managed to creep in.

Thus, as far the community goes, we still have three people in the state parliament and all in the upper house.

Samantha Ratnma is from the Australian Greens and Kaushaliya Vaghela is from the Labor party. The results have been updated at 2.32pm on Tuesday, 11 December.

A very dear friend of the Indian community, Ms Inga Peulich has also lost her berth in the upper house. Ms Peulich’s 22-year parliamentary career and 4 years as the Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs has come to an abrupt end.

“I have indeed had the great honour of serving the Parliament, the South East and our multicultural communities as a Liberal MP and retain an unwavering belief and optimism in the future of our nation,” Ms Peulich said.

“I would like to extend my thanks to the many organisations, leaders and proud Australians in our multicultural community of Victoria for their friendship and support throughout my term as the Victorian Liberal Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs.”

Ms Peulich, a very staunch supporter of the Victorian Indian community, will be sorely missed.

More to come!


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