Tragic car crash takes away Ruana and Immanuel

The infamous car crash where a 41 years old driver attempted to overtake a Honda SUV and collided head-on with an oncoming Ford Focus delivered a mortal blow to not only the Indian family but to the entire community. Those lives, the 4-yr-old Immanuel and his 10-yr-old sister Ruana George were yet to blossom and feel the bliss of life and tragically it was taken away from them – by an errant and negligent driver who now has been charged by the police.

The children’s father George sustained minor injuries while mother Manju who was critically injured in the crash was recovering in the intensive care unit.

The driver of the Ford Territory, a 41-year-old Rockbank man has been charged with negligence causing serious injury and two counts of culpable driving.

The family, who came from Kerala in India, were returning home from a birthday celebration when the tragedy struck them.

The vicar of St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral in Melbourne, Reverend Father Pradeep Ponnachan, told The Age they were well-known members of the church. “They were a devoted, pious family,” he said. “The church community is terribly disturbed, there is no words to explain.”

Little Ruana was learning Bharatnatyam from dance teacher Christina Prakanthan. She had taught Ruana classical Indian dancing for more than three years.

The teacher said Ruana was preparing for her grade one dance exam, which was scheduled for July 14.

In a note written to her dance teacher last year, Ruana wrote: “What Bhanthanatyam [Indian classical dancing] means to me. Trying your best and having a go, it also means to me learning all the steps and doing what the teacher says. And it also means to practise every day.”

Looking at the children and their so tragic death, one would have to question if God gets it right always. The answer is NO. He may be almighty and omnipotent but does not get it right.

“When little Ruana and Immanuel died, even God would have got the shivers – thinking what have I done?” said an emotional member of the local Indian community. Another recited a couplet which is very apt for this tragic story:

“He Prabhu tujhse yeh kya naadani hui,

Phool wo tode ke gulshan bhar mein veerani hui”.

Fortunately, the community and family and friends have banded together George and Manju. May Almighty God, having given them the greatest of hurts, give them the requisite strength to deal with it.
                                                                                                          – Raj Kumar

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