In a recently published research work of Prof. Ranjit Biswas, some major changes termed as “corrections of obsolete FIFA Rules” have been proposed.

Melbourne, June 17: As the World Cup FOOTBALL fever take precedence, many aficionados are not simply happy to bask in the revelry.

Not being satisfied with the results of many of the past FIFA matches and UEFA matches of the last three decades, Prof. Biswas, Dean of Computer Engineering, in the Faculty of Engineering & Technology Department at Jamia Hamdard University, in New Delhi, did some paramount research work to unearth the root-cause behind the poor evaluation of many of the FIFA/UEFA matches.

With the latest developed rich literature on the research work of this century in Mathematics, Soft-computing, Computer Science, Information Technology and other Engineering branches, Prof. Biswas has unearthed a scope for major changes in the rules of 90-minutes Football games.

Prof. Ranjit Biswas is proposing changes to FIFA

Documenting the changes in the recent publication by Springer Heidelberg, he has also “approached FIFA” (IFAB), Prof. Biswas said talking to Bharat Times from New Delhi.

The proposed changes are justified given that “the existing football rules of FIFA are ‘too obsolete’ today, but were not so around 50 years back”.

It is a research work in the area of ‘Football Science’, being proposed to FIFA and UEFA, Zurich, Switzerland for consideration. He is calling to replace the existing obsolete and weak rules of football matches of 90 minutes to declare the final ‘Winner’.

The book presents a proposal for a new soft computing innovative method called by “CFE” for evaluation of the football matches of FIFA (IFAB) and UEFA to compute the true ‘Winner’. 

In the proposed ‘CFE’ method, the final decision about any football match of 90 minutes is obtained “by computation”, by execution of a software called by ‘CFE-software’ with the real time input values directly from the field on a number of highly significant parameters, some of them being continuous variables.

“The result of m-n goals at the end of 90 minutes play in a football match is just one of the many parameters for the computation of the ‘Winner’ in our proposed CFE method”, Prof. Biswas explains.

In the proposed new Rules, the evaluation is mainly based upon the application of Fuzzy Logic, ‘Fuzzy Pocket Machine’, fast Computer Server, good Communication system from playing-field to the server (as used in Cricket matches) and the CFE-software at the server.

Prof Biswas’s proposed computation does not require the Referees to be experts in fuzzy set theory.

“They can be easily trained in just 30 minutes of demonstration… for real time inputs to the database at the server”.

Prof. Biswas claims that “with the help of advanced technology available presently to us” it is only justified that ‘Football Science’ sports ahead with a new nomenclature – “Football Science & Technology”.

He believes that Football will be a more competitive yet spirited game when FIFA “implements my method in FIFA World Cup & UEFA matches”.

Raj Kumar 

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