Melbourne, December 4: Directed by veteran Bollywood actor Vipin Sharma, Akki Vikki tey Nikki is a comedy set in contemporary Bollywood – about the obsessive nature of actors, writers, producers and directors working in the world of Hindi cinema, Bollywood.

He is currently in Melbourne to showcase the first cut of this maiden directorial venture at the ongoing RMIT festival in Melbourne. Vipin is also did a Masterclass at the same festival, with Melbourne’s Bollywood aspirants.

The RMIT Indian Film Festival – Indian Stories Australian Screens showcased an eclectic mix of Bollywood with Akki, Vikki tey Nikki featuring for Q&A session with Vipin.

Written, edited and directed by Vipin Sharma, the first-cut screening used real-life interviews with Wannabes struggling in Bollywood. The focus is ‘obsession for Bollywood and its movies’.

It is a tribute to people who are obsessively passionate about cinema in their own innocent ways, the film revealed the funny and occasional heartbreaking characteristics of the Bollywood industry.

Being a project in progress, Akki Vikki tey Nikki was an appropriate first-cut screening prior to its official release.

Vipin (3rd from left) with his Akki Vikki tey Nikki team
Vipin (3rd from left) with his Akki Vikki tey Nikki team

Talking about his maiden directorial venture, Vipin said cinema has been a powerful visual medium to communicate, collaborate and connect with people across the globe.

Vipin being part of some path breaking films that questioned the ethos of conventional filmmaking feels that “Hindi cinema is undergoing transformation and with this huge paradigm shift, a new wave has swept in.”

Vipin himself is highly experienced editor having assisted Ketan Mehta in Mirch Masaala and Hiro Hiralal in the past. He has also edited the award winning documentary film 6 Yards to Democracy, that went on to win the Best Documentary Award at 2006 International Women’s Film festival, London.

Talking to Bharat Times, Vipin also elaborated on his other directorial project Baasrish – a silent tribute to Goa.

“Completely shot in Goan monsoons, it beautifully encapsulates the beauty and people of Goa. The premier screening is scheduled at the identical location of the first silent film screening in Goa”, he said.

Vipin has a lot happening, yet does not seem to be slowing down, taking his career to a diverse and interesting level.

“My future goal actually, is to evolve a film here in Australia.

“My idea is to contribute to the film scene in Melbourne telling some of our own stories,” he said in intense concentration.

Vipin has lived in Toronto for 15 years so “I really am very close to the life of people who leave there homes and succeed in foreign lands… There are lots of stories untold… That is what I am interested in”.

Talking up his Melbourne movie project, he said he would “need lots of local support. I plan to develop the film with local Melbourne talent”.

A National School of Drama (NSD) Delhi alumnus, Vipin, is well known for his many amazing body of work in films, including Tare Zameen Par, featuring Aamir Khan and Raman Raghav.

His other notable appearances include Gangs of Wasseypur, Yeh Saali Zindagi, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Ranjhanaa, Lamhaa, Kharthik Calling Karthik, John Day and Dhanak.

After his hiatus in Canada, Vipin has returned to Bollywood, armed with a decade long experience in editing and film making – Melbourne movie project being his most passionate assignment currently.

Vipin feels that every film that he does should add an aroma to the diverse characters that he has essayed over a period of time.

Shalini Singh

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