Both Clinton and Trump are wooing Indian origin voters in US elections 2016, through Bollywood; as entertainment website goes live hoping to revolutionize global business of entertainment

New York, October 3: What do presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common?

They’ve both praised the efforts of Kamal Dandona, founder of the Bollywood Awards, in his efforts to bring awareness of Indian cinema to the American mainstream and bridge the entertainment gap between the United States and India.

As televised debates between Trump and Clinton has taken the political world by storm, Indian origin voters are being wooed rather, in a different way.

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was quoted as saying: “I must tell you, it’s a weakness I love the beautiful Indian actresses. There’s nothing like them.”

Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has also expressed her gratitude for the unique ways the arts can connect two vibrant countries with two impactful cinematic industries.

Dandona’s latest entrepreneurial venture, Soch Entertainment, will seamlessly link talent agencies, show promoters and new artists worldwide for the first time ever, through a comprehensive online platform.

“Both presidential hopefuls have commended my efforts for bridging the US and India through the medium of entertainment -Bollywood Awards,” said Dandona.

“It is an undeniable fact that cultural entertainment is a bridge of enhanced understanding between United States and India.”

He is optimistic that relations with India will continue to improve in the next presidential cycle, regardless of which candidate is elected.

Dandona’s globally televised events have been attended by the likes of Hollywood’s most notable figures including Michael Jackson, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Bradley Cooper and Tyra Banks.

Bollywood’s big superstars not far behind include Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, A.R. Rahman, Aishwarya Rai – to name a few.

Considered to be the movers & shakers in the entertainment industry, Soch Entertainment, spanning over 150 countries will bring the power of cutting edge technology and social media to market their universal entertainment site.

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