Melbourne, October 5: Who would believe that Bodybuilding and ‘Rudraksha’ science could be equal and simultaneous provisos for a wholesome and healthy living!

Willbur Glenn Colaco, who recently won the 2016 International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) in the ‘Posing Routine’ and 2nd runner-up in the Men’s Physique Division (Short), has achieved just that.

Founder CEO of Universal Laws – Willbur also speaks on the ‘Secret’ Law of Attraction; Rudraksha “Lord Shiva’s tears” and the science of dealing with spirit, mind and body balance.

“I think being a Libran, I have always believed in a balance of spirit, mind and body”, he said talking to Bharat Times.

The ardent fan of Lord Shiva since childhood, Willbur wanted to transform his own physique like Lord Shiva and “put it to the test by participating in the prestigious Natural Bodybuilding & Physique championships”, Willbur explained.

Willbur's trophies for his 3 Natural Bodybuilding titles in 2016
Willbur’s trophies – he won 3 Natural Bodybuilding titles in 2016

Willbur also holds 2016 World Fitness Federation’s ‘Sports Model’ and 2016 Australasian Natural Bodybuilding’s (ANB) ‘Men’s Physique Championship’ awards.

Willbur is proud to be the “only Indian-Australian” winning 3 Australian bodybuilding titles in the ‘natural’ category in 2016.

Talking about natural bodybuilding, Willbur explains that INBA and ANB are federations that “promote only natural fitness and bodybuilding unlike other world bodybuilding competitions”.

At other world body-building competitions, athletes take substances to aid “performance enhancement” and “fat burners that help their performances and recovering ability”.

While that “may achieve a sculpted physique much bigger and quicker than a natural athlete, but in the long run, the use of such substances has drastic effects on one’s health and body.

“In today’s quick fix world, everyone seems to want short cuts.

“Remember natural bodybuilding is a slow and steady Journey that takes patience and perseverance. A body for Life!

“Not like a one-time ‘Ghajini 6 pack achievement’ and become fat thereafter”.

Willbur undertook a ‘natural’ training and nutrition regime of 18 weeks before his first competition. Starting from 86 kg, he lost 16 kg in 18 weeks, to reach the target weight of 70 kg and sport a 6 pack.

“Seeing so many friends support my journey on Facebook and then themselves getting into training, was very rewarding”, he said.

Also an international speaker, Willbur is passionate about transforming people’s lives in terms of health, wealth and relationships, through the application of the ‘Universal Laws’ and ‘Rudraksha’ Science.

The Adelaide resident was born a Roman Catholic and grew up in Baroda, Gujarat. He has “very strong ties with India where my Mom and Dad still live”, Willbur said.

Talking about his passion, Willbur speaks of an almost ‘divine’ connection – the shared principles between health, fitness, science and spirituality.

“I apply the same principles to enrich lives instantly through ‘Universal Laws’ and ‘Rudraksha’ Science”.

Posing Routine at the competition
Willbur Glenn Colaco in a Posing Routine

The multifaceted Willbur has also achieved ‘Siddhi’ or mastered the 3rd eye mechanism – Shambhavi Mahamudra meditation earlier this year, under guidance of his Guru.

“I would like to share with people of Australia that whatever our mind can conceive, our body can achieve.

“Having a goal and motivational pointers is the first step towards transforming anything in our Life”, he outlined.

He trains at least 4 times a week for a maximum of one hour. But being into natural fitness, Willbur does not condition his food habits, rather works towards achieve a balance in his diet.

He begins his day with 2-3 glasses of Lemon Water & Himalayan Salt “to alkalise my body”.

Willbur absolutely loves “Cheese Naan, Butter Chicken & Paneer Tikka Masala” but BALANCE is the key-word in Willbur’s life with chicken, dal, rice and salad being regular staples.

“I believe anything in moderation is good. I love sweets but tend to have these naughty foods only on weekends as my cheat meals”.

During the week he maintains a strict eating plan with 5-6 small meals a day.

“Discipline in one’s eating and regimented training is an absolute must for overall health.

“I hope my physical transformational journey and victory could be an inspiration to many other Indians across Australia who would want to improve their own health & fitness”, he said.

Willbur, who has lived in Adelaide for the last 12 years, works as an Environmental Officer. He holds a Masters in Environmental Management and hopes to publish as an author later this year.

Originally of Goan origin, he laughs wholeheartedly about his “weird surname Colaco, which is pronounced as Colaso”.

A true Lord Shiva follower, Willbur signs off in ‘BALANCE’ with an Aristotle saying “You are what you repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an Act, but a Habit.

“Consistency and dedication are the key words for a balanced life!”


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