Passenger rights boosted with new India app that allows air travellers to easily file flight compensation claims for disrupted flights. 

New Delhi, August 5: – an air passenger rights service provider, has launched a dedicated India mobile phone app and online widget to help air travellers secure compensation for delayed, cancelled, and overbooked flights regulated by both India and European Union (EU) passenger rights legislation.

Founded in 2012, India app is the first to be specifically developed for air passengers travelling to, from, and within India – helping enforce the consumer rights of the more than 83 million passengers who take to the skies every year on domestic and international flights operated by India-based airlines.

Featuring proprietary Advanced Business Logic (ABL) technology, the online widget and app for iOS and Android enables passengers to quickly determine eligibility and automatically file a compensation claim for disrupted flights, without having to fill in extensive forms or interact directly with an airline.

The India Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Civil Aviation Requirements Section 3, Series M Part IV, spells out the rights and compensation passengers are entitled to if their flight is cancelled or they are denied boarding.

Flyers can make claims ranging from refreshments and hotel accommodation to full refund of ticket price along with added compensation of up to ₹4,000 per flight depending on airfare, block time, and advance notice given to the passenger.

“While passengers have rights to compensation under DGCA legislation, consumers are under-served by the claims system,” said Eve Buechner, Founder and CEO of

“As in other countries, the majority of Indian passengers are unaware of their rights or find the compensation claims process difficult.

“Our new app gives consumers the ability to hold airlines to account and exercise their legislated consumer rights to compensation with ease and efficiency.”

To use the web or mobile app, air travellers need only input their flight details and answer a few simple questions to be automatically notified whether a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight is eligible for compensation under DGCA or EU 261/2004 regulations.

If eligible, passengers can instantly submit their claim via the app, authorising to pursue compensation on their behalf through its worldwide network of consumer and aviation law experts.

There is no risk to the passenger as charges a commission only when a claim is successfully concluded.

Claims through applies to all worldwide airlines departing from an airport located in the territory of an EU Member State, regardless of the airline being an EU Community carrier airline.

For flights from outside the EU to a destination within the EU, passengers are protected if flying with an EU-based airline.

Naturally, the legislation applies to passengers flying on Air India and other India-based airlines flying from the EU as well.

Passengers can file a claim directly at: or download the app from

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