Melbourne, June 3: The Australian Sex Party has released pictures showing two nuns from the Mother Teresa order, in inner city Melbourne, tearing down the party’s campaign posters which read ‘tax the church’.

The party claimed that it received the photos from a blog named browncardigan. sex party1

“The nuns were caught on camera desecrating a large Sex Party political poster.

“The Nuns appear hell bent on destroying the words, ‘Tax the Church’.

They also tore off the party’s call to legalise marijuana”, said a statement released by Australian Sex Party.

It criticised the actions of two nuns, calling it a “pathetic” act.

Sex Party leader and Victorian Upper House member, Fiona Patten, said the attack was cowardly and unprovoked. “Our policy to tax the church is fair and reasonable especially where it applies to the church’s profit-making businesses”, she said.

“If the nuns would like to visit me and confess, that will be an end to it.”

The party claims that the nuns are even seen running away after from the scene of crime.

ASP claim nuns ran away from the scene of crime
Sex Party claim nuns ran away from the scene of crime

The Sex Party’s issues are same-sex marriage, gender equality, sex discrimination, sex education. One of the three key policies of the Sex Party is strong separation of church and state.

Sex Party signs have been attacked before by religious institutions.

During the last NSW state election, Sex Party signs had been removed from a church that was being used as a polling booth because the church workers believed they were the work of the devil.

“Religious institutions are places where discrimination is rife and I’d like to see them not used as polling places”, she said.

“Voting needs to be done in the most rational of places and not the most irrational ones”.

Shane Healy, spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne said that the church does not stand by any form of vandalism. He however, called for taking note of the expansive charity conducted by the Mother Teresa order of Calcutta’s Missionaries of Charity.

But the Sex Party argued that this vandalism was a direct attack on the message of taxing the church.

Sex Party lead candidate for the Victorian Senate at the July 2 federal election; and head of the Rationalist Society, Meredith Doig, said “Religious institutions need to understand that one of the reasons people are leaving the church in droves is that they are perceived as being increasingly insular and outside of mainstream society”, she said.

“Paying tax is a way for them to be more inclusive”.

Shalini Singh

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