Mumbai, May 20: British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver along with Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and “MasterChef India” host and judge Kunal Kapur will be calling for people around the world to sign up for the ‘Food Revolution’ – marking the Food Revolution Day, today.

With the initiative, Oliver aims to get the attention of governments at the World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva on May 23 to tackle the child nutrition crisis.

In a move that Oliver has called a “game-changer”, he and numerous other well-known personalities will take to Facebook Live, today, for a seven-hour cooking marathon.

The aim is to encourage people to join them in a full-scale, global food revolution – a major part of which will be giving people power to lobby their own governments to fight diet-related disease.

jamie1Ahead of the Facebook Live marathon, Oliver said: “This Food Revolution Day, we are going to give governments that extra little nudge by running the longest-ever Facebook Live campaign, getting millions of people involved from all around the globe.

“The world is crying out for action and there has never been a better time to make changes to save millions of lives.”

The “Roy” star, Fernandes also said it is great to be associated with a good cause.

She said: “It’s particularly important to us here in India because we are in the middle of a child nutrition crisis…If we are going to combat the nutrition crisis we have to do it as one.”

Supporting the food revolution in India, AkshayaPatra Foundation will serve its two billionth meal in a school in Guwahati, Assam.

The partnership with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is led by AkshayaPatra UK.

They will raise significant issues to make 2016 a breakthrough year on child nutrition, ensure Indian leadership is present at the World Health Assembly meeting and at the UN General Assembly in September.

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