Indian boxing star Vijender Singh is ready to compete with British professional Amir Khan and accepted his challenge to fight in India, saying it will prove to be a big boost to the sport in the country.

Singh who won bronze in the middleweight division at the 2008 Beijing Olympics accepted the challenge as he feels it will help promote boxing.

Two-time former world champion, Amir, who has been training intensively for his much-anticipated WBC title contest against Mexico’s Saul ‘Canelo Alvarez want to fight against Vijender soon, in India.

Commenting on Amir Khan’s challenge, Vijender said: “I accept the challenge of Amir Khan and I am sure this fight will be a big boost to boxing in our country.

“As we both fight in different weight categories so will have to see whether Amir gains or I have to lose weight. I have started my professional boxing career last year only and have made only 4 appearances in the pro ring.

“It might take me just one more year when I will be ready to fight against Amir Khan. I am sure this fight will attract international limelight and attention.

“Currently I am focusing on my next fight scheduled for April 30 against Matiouze Royer at Copper Box Arena,” he added.

But fans will be disappointed that the fight may not be taking place anytime soon, with the clash a year or two away. The Indian boxer has just started his pro-boxing career last year and has only four bouts under his belt whereas Amir has 34 bouts to his credit.

Neerav Tomar, CEO and MD of IOS Boxing Promotions, said “Technically Amir Khan boxes in middleweight (72.5kg) while Vijender in super middleweight (76kg).

“Of course a fight is definitely possible but may be next year or 2018. Either Amir has to gain weight or Vijender needs to lose some. For Amir with his body structure I am not sure whether he can.

“Ditto Vijender. Thus, it is very much possible, but the technicalities exist.”

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