New Delhi, April 11: A Baloch woman leader and rights activist has accused Pakistan of “genocide” in Balochistan and says India must support the “freedom movement” in the restive province for its own “strategic interests” as an “antidote for the Pakistan-China anti-India coalition”.

Naela Quadri, 50, said she was here to make a “conscience awakening call” to the government and people of India who helped liberate East Pakistan from Islamabad in 1971 to help it become an independent Bangladesh.

“It is not only for us. An independent Balochistan is the only antidote for Pakistan-China anti-India coalition,” Quadri, a Harvard graduate and a champion of Baloch rights, told IANS in an interview.

The Balochistan Independence Movement leader made a passionate plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get involved in the “freedom movement” of the sprawling western region which borders Iran and Afghanistan.

Quadri, who also heads the World Baloch Women’s Forum and campaigns for Baloch people’s rights worldwide said that “India has to take a stand, not only against gross human rights violations in the neighbourhood but also because its strategic interests are involved.”

Qadri was once jailed in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been accusing India of stoking trouble in Balochistan, which is the size of France and is rich in gas, gold and copper reserves.

It is also home to massive untapped sources of oil and uranium.

Angry over Pakistan’s exploitation of the resources and alleged repressive rule, Balochis have so far launched five armed insurgencies since the territory, a princely state under the British, was annexed by Islamabad in 1948.

She accused Pakistan of resorting to “genocide” in Balochistan in response to the “political, democratic and secular” freedom struggle.

“They have killed some 200,000 Balochis in the last decade. The Pakistan Army has participated in enforced disappearance of 25,000 people including men and women,” she said.

“They are using all the eight UN indicators of genocide including dehumanization, polarization, extermination and denial.”

Recalling the May 28, 1998 Pakistan nuclear tests, Quadri said the army “illegally” used Balochistan for testing its atomic weapons that it got from China. “They have hid the weapons in Balochistan.

“The Balochs are facing all this in isolation and loneliness. No country has come to our help. Not India, so far.

“India is not what it was in 1971 (when Bangladesh was liberated). You had a strong headed and brave leader in Indira Gandhi. She was determined and had a tough foreign policy to deal with Pakistan.

“Unfortunately, the case is different now.”

She hoped that Prime Minister Modi would come off “as strong as Gandhi” to help Balochistan win its freedom.

“Modi has a popular mandate and I am sure Indian people would support the Balochistan initiative,” said Quadri, an activist since her childhood.

naela-qadriMeanwhile, Pakistan has been accused of lying about an Indian to delegitimize Balochistan’s independence movement.

Kulbushan Jhadav, a former Indian navy officer, was arrested by Pakistan in Balochistan last month, on charges of being an Indian spy, working in the western province of Balochistan.

“These are all false claims by Pakistan. All lies,” Quadri told IANS.

She said that Pakistan was engaging in such “blatant lies” to “delegitimize Balochistan’s independence movement” and corner India.

Pakistan has alleged that Jhadav still serves in the Indian navy and carried a fake Iranian passport to enter the region to launch “subversive activities” in Balochistan that is seeking independence from Islamabad’s rule.

But Quadri said “freedom” fighters in her region have been receiving no assistance from India.

By Sarwar Kashani

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