Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) Patron Ted Baillieu who has recently joined the Arts platform spoke passionately about the passion for arts.

“I’ve had a passionate commitment to both the arts and to multicultural Victoria and they come together beautifully in Multicultural Arts Victoria. […] 

“I think it’s a very powerful organisation that assists in bringing together the cultural expression of Victoria and it’s very much about the arts, and it’s very much about our multicultural background and our multicultural presence. […]

“Our multicultural base is so much stronger than elsewhere and we should be proud of it and we should promote it. It’s bipartisan, it’s an asset, the diversity of Victoria is our strength.

“For Melbourne it’s an appeal for the State and for us all it’s an opportunity,” Ted Baillieu said on ABC 774 The former Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu studied architecture at Melbourne University and throughout his public life has retained a keen interest in planning and encouraging a growing economy.

Baillieu, who will co-host the upcoming Piers Festival 3 April; was the recipient of the Ashoka Medal from the Australia India Business Council Victoria in recognition of his contribution to Australia-India relations; and the Asian Leadership Network of Australia’s 2014 Special Public Service Award.

“Ted Baillieu has championed the arts as former Premier and Minister of the Arts and is passionate about our diversity contributing to the State of Victoria. It is an honour to have his support in the development and future of MAV,” said Jill Morgan AM, CEO of Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Ted Baillieu served as Victoria’s 46th Premier and Minister for the Arts from 2 December 2010 to 6 March 2013.

[feature photo (L-R): Ravi Coltrane; Abraham Dunovits, Katherine Gailer and Oscar Jimenez of Amaru Tribe; Ted Baillieu; photo by John Standish]

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