Melbourne, April 2: Performing at Comedy Zone Asia, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, India’s Daniel Fernandes is excited to present, “high on shock value comedy” to Melbourne’s laughter circles.

India’s leading English stand-up comic, Daniel Fernandes commands over 3.5 million on his self-titled YouTube channel.

Tackling bold topics such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks, student suicide and the Syrian crisis, Daniel’s style is observational and political humor with dozes of social commentary “that is often quite dark in nature”… and lot of freestyle thrown in for good measure.

With only about 6 years, English stand-up in India is “largely intelligent… So don’t expect us to cross dress for laughs. We’re better than that”.

Speaking to Bharat Times, Daniel said that with DANIEL FERNANDES: UNOFFENDED; Melbournians will get to see an “Indian comic who brings a very unique perspective to the world and everything around him.

“My material is made up of no holds barred; tell it like it is…”

Well, Well! That might be what will get the ladies swooning… but not so soon. When it comes to COMEDY, Daniel might just say, “Not tonight ladies!”

With an erstwhile career in advertising, Daniel is not new to the Centre-stage.

But he likes it his way!

The 9 to 5 routine was “just not my way of life… when I attended a Metallica concert in Bangalore… that’s when I decided I wanted to be an entertainer.

“I returned to Bombay, quit my job and never looked back.

“There are at least 35 full time comedians who make a very healthy living out of comedy…  There have been collaborations… India is also home to 4 annual comedy festivals. So yeah, there hasn’t been a better time to be a comedian in India”.

Talking about his style, Daniel said his material is “global in nature”… so connecting with him is easy.

Having spent his life between a fast paced city Mumbai and chilled-out beach haven Goa, Daniel uses his comedic style to bring out the best and sometimes the “worst” of both worlds.

Talking about English stand-up Comedy in India, Daniel said, it being “relatively new… we’ve had a lot of ground to cover and in that process we’ve created a scene that has exploded back home in India”.

Where does Kapil Sharma stand in all of this?

“Kapil Sharma caters to a very different audience altogether. He is very good at what he does but his appeal is more mass oriented and his material revolves around slapstick, low-brow humour…”

Daniel writes intelligent comedy, “So smart lines are my weapons of choice… I’m most comfortable dishing out my material in a comedy club or theatre”.

The 75 minutes with Daniel – could well be your unique light-hearted fits from a fresh perspective.

And when he is not working on his comedy, Daniel spends his free time fishing and spreading the good word on wildlife conservation, primarily because of his love for snakes – another reason to watch out for Daniel?

Daniel Fernandes performs on

16 April (SAT), 8:15pm, Roxanne Parlour (an 18+ adults only venue).

17 April (SUN), 8:45pm, Swiss Club.

Book tickets: OR Ticketmaster 1300 660 013

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