Epping, 28 March: Uttaranchal Society of Australia delivered a rare gem of an evening for the people of Indian descent (Uttaranchal and Kumaon regions in particular) with a live concert featuring Shri Narinder Singh Negi, Meena Rana, Pritam Bhartwan, Prakasha Kahala and musicians accompanying them.

More than 500 Australians of Indian descent (Uttaranchal and Kumaon regions) had traveled to Melbourne from all over Australia to partake in this special six hour long grand event.

For the formalities, president Umed Bora welcomed the patrons from all over and set the stage for the artists to be welcomed on stage with beautiful bouquets and gorgeous looking little Indian princess who had dressed up capturing the spirit of the night with beauty and culture of India.

Mr Prem Rawat, Secretary thanked the members and patrons for their support.

Master of the ceremony for the night was Ruchi Bharti who did commendable job. Her husband – who did a wonderful job of his ‘own anger management’ according to Ruchi herself, looking after their two year old son, also did a wonderful job in chipping in with his contribution – without which – perhaps she would not have been able to do a seamless job.

The singers very well assisted by their musician artists did a marvelous job of capturing and then presenting live on stage a real slice of ‘Pahari life and culture’ with such palpable spirit that one could actually feel the lush greenery and sounds of the water flowing around them; nostalgia – somehow just overtook the whole atmosphere and people – of all ages joined in to shake a leg or two. Despite the MC Ruchi saying, “Yeh Dil Ka mamla hai zara dekh bhal ke..”, there wasn’t one who could withstand the transition from being taken over to the hills of Uttarakhand and Kumano region – with mellifluous voice of Narinder Negi, well supported by Meena Rana, Pritam Bhartwan and none other than Prakash Kahala – whose number “Pahar Chhtigo…” carried the patrons and organisers – one and all to the dance floor. It was mesmerizing evening.

It is imperative to mention that the artists – who are as revered as big Bollywood singers, exhibited no egos. They presented themselves with purity of Indian culture and their language was manifestly foreign to the corruption the Indian entertainment has been subjected to of late.

The venue The Heritage Reception, Epping provided delicious food with quality hospitality.

The patron and main architect of the grand event Mr Arun Pandey, who has been supported well by his committee, deserves commendations for this rare event.

by K. Dev with DM

Here is a snapshot:

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