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Your personal year number is descriptive of the types of trends and experiences that you will encounter in a given calendar year. You will temporarily take on the characteristics of your personal year number.

For example, in a personal year 7 many people find themselves doing a lot of writing, studying, teaching and/or contemplating. They may spend more time alone, in philosophical/ spiritual pursuits or in nature. Research, analysis, problem solving and investigation are favored.

Based on your personal year, different numbers affect you in different months of the year. The Numerology forecast “Your Destiny in Numbers” takes a variety of number energies into account to provide you with a glimpse into the upcoming month.

Personal year calculation= your birth month (1=January, 2=February… 12= December) + your birthday + current year. Example: A person born July 16th would add 7 (July) + 16 and 9 (2+0+1+6) = 5. Their personal year is 5 in 2016.

Personal year 1

Cultural and food related festivals may hold special appeal for you this month as you are in an exploratory mood. You may also wish to spend more time outdoors in nature, by the ocean or perhaps at the cottage.


Personal year 2

July could be a time of endings or completions in some area of your life. It is a good time for reflection and writing or journaling. You may enjoy spending time with children or young people, it’s a great time to focus on activities or vacations taken as a family.


Personal year 3

July is a great time to revitalize your fitness and health. Trying a new physical class may interest you, or joining a health related club/ social group or a gym. Exercising helps you clear your mind and work off excess stress.


Personal year 4

July is a good time to unleash your creativity. Taking a new class or reading a book on a topic of interest may be a good use of your time. Since you are more efficient than usual, taking care of projects and other routine tasks gets done with ease.


Personal year 5

You may be in the mood for relaxation this month and you deserve to take some time off. Seeing movies, reading some of your favourite books and treating yourself to a few indulgences is a good way to recharge.


Personal year 6

July may be filled with opportunities for travel. If you can’t take a vacation, be sure to visit some places in the city you have never been to before. There may be some opportunities to re-connect with old friends.


Personal year 7

July is auspicious for purchase of big ticket items as you are likely to get both a good price and items of good quality. Communications of all kinds are favoured, as people easily understand the points you want to get across.


Personal year 8

There may be more responsibilities than usual at home or work, remember to delegate when you can. Someone may want your advice or feedback on a matter of importance to them.


Personal year 9

You may get the chance to meet some interesting new people this month either through friends and family or through another social event you participate in. Being in nature and near the water is extra soothing.


Samantha Samuels specializes in psychological and predictive Astronumerology, and writes for exclusively for Bharat Times readers to help you take advantage of this vast and intricate science.
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