On 15 December 2015, Herald Sun printed this piece with this huge photograph with this caption – A country best enjoyed together – and ran a story of Deven Pravin Tanna as below:

While Victoria’s Indian community is huge, migrant Deven Tanna wasn’t able to find love here with someone from his own cultural background.

But during a stint living back in India a few years ago, Mr Tanna, 32, met his wife, Purvi, through family connections and now they are settled in Melbourne.

“She loves it, especially Melbourne as a city and Australia as country” he said.

“It’s very multicultural, there are a lot of opportunities and we love the work-life-balance that the country offers”, he explained.

Upside-down-IndiaTo go with the story, Herald Sun arranged for this photograph to be taken and as the credit shows, it is a picture taken by David Caird for the paper.

Deven and his wife seem quite happy and excited on the offer of Herald Sun asking them to pose for the story and rightly so. Why wouldn’t they?

Perhaps anyone would jump and grab the opportunity with both hands. As Deven and Purvi did.

But unfortunately and extremely sadly, in a monumental slip, they simply turned India’s national flag upside down.

Strangely, if the photographer arranged by the Herald Sun, could not work it out or overlooked whether the red (Kesri) colour should be on top, at least Deven and Purvi, who are both Indian born should have picked that up.

By any measure an innocent mistake but really a monumental one.

The Indian diaspora should safeguard India’s honour and respect, at least in its symbols and flags.

I believe this much we all owe to the country of our birth.

Hope this mistake will not be repeated by any other member of our proud Indian community!                    -editor

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