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Astrology Predictions Sun-sign based [April 15 – April 30, 2017]
by expert astrologer Dr Prem Sharma of India



Health-wise the period will be good for you, but you might suffer from some little health issues. Your practical approach can make you good leader at work place. Financial gains through sale of property, rent, dividends is foreseen for some. You will be buying things for yourself, but the spending will be in budget. Romantically, there will be ups and downs in your relationship.

Lucky No: 22

Lucky Colour: Sea Green



Your Hard-work is likely to bring growth in your career graph. You will have the capability to make money and manage it skilfully. Take some time out of your busy schedule for meditation or exercise to keep your body and mind fit. Nurture your love with affection and faith, to enjoy your relationship to the fullest. Dispute related to property might come in your favor with minimal benefits.

Lucky No: 1

Lucky Colour: Baby Pink



Financially the coming period is going to be fabulous for you. To be successful at your work place, you need to put more efforts to implement your ideas, which you have in your mind. You have to keep your calm so that you can avoid such situations where you or someone else has to raise voice. Don’t let your mood dominate your physical health, as this might upset your body’s function.

Lucky No: 4

Lucky Colour: Cream



Academically, you might feel that results are not that satisfying, but don’t worry, as the time will pass, you will get good results beyond your expectations. As far as finances are concerned, you need to review your expenditures after a particular interval. Your eating habit has to be put under scanner so that stomach related problems don’t occur.

Lucky No: 7

Lucky Colour: Indigo



Plans regarding long term savings are likely to improve your financial status. Health for you will be normal with no major problem occurring. You also have to maintain calmness in your behaviour so that your joy increases. You will be satisfied the way your career is moving. Later in the period, some of you are likely to get involved in construction or renovation work.

Lucky No: 15

Lucky Colour: Red



You will be in a mood to spend money, which you will enjoy, as you don’t have to worry about finances. Career wise you will see both good and not so good times in your career. At times, some of you may find it difficult to cope up with your boss’s demands. Neglecting your health might give you some minor health problems. So, make all efforts to remain fit.

Lucky No: 17

Lucky Colour: Navy Blue



You need to take care of your eating habits, as you overeat, once you have food you like most. You would get chance to meet many such people who will be helpful for your career. Your decisions related to your work will fetch you handsome results. You will manage your financial affairs with ease. Love Life seems wonderful. If you are single and looking for your love partner, than your search is likely come to an end this period.

Lucky No: 10

Lucky Colour: Orange



Being ambitious towards your career, you will be working hard and sincerely to achieve your goals. There might be a raise in your income, fulfilling your long cherished dreams. Unexpected romance might enter into your life. You are advised to adapt healthy eating habit to maintain good health. Your strict monitoring would make a considerable difference in your savings.

Lucky No: 14

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown



You will complete all your work on time with the help of your colleagues and subordinates. People around you will make you realize the importance of exercise. Keep yourself away from anger and negative thoughts. Understand the needs of your partner to maintain harmony at home. If you have invested in property and bonds, you will be reaping good benefits the coming period.

Lucky No: 6

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue



Though your financial position will fluctuate but you will be at peace as all your work related to money will flow flawlessly. Your love relationship will blossom like a flower. At work place people around you will appreciate your ideas and your seniors will acknowledge your efforts. Your health will be satisfactory, as you are going to change your eating habits for good.

Lucky No: 18

Lucky Colour: Coffee



If you can control your spending habit, it would be like an icing on the cake. If you are into a business, this period will be fruitful for you. Distant journey, maybe overseas journey is seen for some of you. You need to take special care of yourself to enjoy healthy life. You will experience some beautiful moments together as your partner will reciprocate positively to your love.

Lucky No: 12

Lucky Colour: White



Finances are going to bring smile on your face. Eat healthy food to keep health related issues at bay. Your leadership qualities will make you popular among your subordinates and colleagues. If you are in some managerial desk, you will be successful in your endeavor. You will be reviewing the current and future status of your love relationship, so that you can think of taking it to another level.

Lucky No: 2

Lucky Colour: Magenta


Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is a renowned name in the world of Astrology, Vastu Shashtra and related sciences. 
He is also an Astrology columnist for Hindustan Times and regularly appears on PTC News Channel, Aaj Tak, IBN7 & others.

Dr Sharma writes exclusively for Bharat Times readers in Melbourne.
For all your astrology needs: Dr Sharma can be contacted on

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