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Astrology Predictions Sun-sign based [February 15 – February 28, 2017]
by expert astrologer Dr Prem Sharma of India



Strong financial situation will help you to plan assets for future. Don’t neglect bad health as it is likely to aggravate. Family will be most supportive. Your popularity rises on the social front. A good phase commences on the career front and is likely to take you places! A consistent performance on the academic front brings you in limelight.

Lucky Number – 1

Lucky Colour – Violet



Students aspiring for IAS are likely to impress others with their knowledge about current affairs. Financial situation improves substantially. Right moves are the need of the hour to woo someone you like. Spouse may require emotional support. Kick off your pensive mood swings and get grounded with action.

Lucky Number – 11

Lucky Colour – Yellow



A business proposal will need to be vetted properly before being accepted. Keep a track of a family youngster. Your shopping list may pose a threat to bank balance! Those planning a vacation will be able to get their leave sanctioned. Some of you can while away your time doing whatever catches your fancy!

Lucky Number – 16

Lucky Colour – Baby Pink



Don’t be choosy where love is concerned; remember it’s all about accepting the person as he is. Instilling values in youngsters is important at this juncture. A new ride can excite some of you. Those around you will look up to you for directions as you appear a natural leader to them. Your meticulous ways are likely to set an example for others at work.

Lucky Number – 8

Lucky Colour – Sea Green



Remain judicious in your spending. Tackle an old ailment through Yoga. Avail an opportunity to delegate work, especially if you are taking leave. A competitor on the academic front may give a run for your money, if you give the chance. Some of you are likely to be swept off your feet by a smooth talker and spend more on something than required.

Lucky Number – 4

Lucky Colour – Peach



Financially, you will remain on a safe wicket. A property deal may be closed in your interest. Those on medication will find a distinct improvement in their condition. Loan given to someone will be returned. A boost to professional status is indicated for some. Romantic bonds are likely to strengthen as you nurture your relationship.

Lucky Number – 9

Lucky Colour – Off White



A family member may be adamant to spend on a luxurious asset but your pocket may not allow. It is time to talk out the differences with the spouse to reiterate domestic harmony. Volunteer to take up a lead role in a prestigious assignment at work. Learn to manage your funds well else someone may take advantage of your bank balance.

Lucky Number – 6

Lucky Colour – Chocolate



Avoid finalizing any property deal. Don’t disclose your cards prematurely on the professional front. Worries can overwhelm you, but they will be more of your own creation. Look up to an expert’s correct guidance in a financial matter. Being too affectionate towards a friend can rock your marital boat.

Lucky Number – 18

Lucky Colour – Orange



Your expertise will help you in getting firmly established in the organization. Luck is likely to favor those hoping for a scholarship to study abroad. Some of you are likely to fund or sponsor an event and get good returns. A wedding or a party is likely to prove a perfect venue for match-making. Health remains excellent.

Lucky Number – 22

Lucky Colour – Silver



Romantic front seems turbulent, so proceed with care! Efforts at earning will need to be doubled for those planning to buy something big. Be open- minded regarding a proposal being offered to you. Despite calling the shots, you may be made to toe the line in a professional situation. Support of family will assume importance for those planning to settle someplace else.

Lucky Number – 10

Lucky Colour – Lemon



IT professionals are likely to switch jobs for better financial prospects. Take responsibility and sort out all the tussles on domestic front. Decisions in legal matters should preferably be postponed. You are likely to steal a march over your adversaries at work. Chances of meeting a future mate look bright for some.

Lucky Number – 2

Lucky Colour – Red



Health remains good. Those out of shape may resolve to take up the path to fitness. Romantic front seems eventful with a lot of togetherness. Marriage of an eligible is on the anvil for some. Civil contractors will manage to get the nod of someone in authority for a new venture. Going for a spin with friends will be exciting.

Lucky Number – 15

Lucky Colour – Light Green


Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is a renowned name in the world of Astrology, Vastu Shashtra and related sciences. 
He is also an Astrology columnist for Hindustan Times and regularly appears on PTC News Channel, Aaj Tak, IBN7 & others.

Dr Sharma writes exclusively for Bharat Times readers in Melbourne.
For all your astrology needs: Dr Sharma can be contacted on

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